Welcome to Universal Trinity College (UTC) !

Trinity is dedicated to spiritual excellence in all regards that matter.

As a community of learners at UTC we teach, we learn and we do research together in order to be more that today when we reach tomorrow.
Our goal is to develop responsible leaders who make a positive impact in the world.
Interdisciplinary studies, top up studies and a clear leaning toward spirituality accomplish the picture.
Our faculty consists of professor of all walks of life and reach from Catholic Clerics to Hinduist Scholars of the Vedas, while we do not forget a firm grounding in mainstream knowledge as well.
The greatest strength of any college is its student body and the faculty, and so to all in the Trinity community — thank you for supporting and visiting our truly universal college.
George Reiff


Biography of UTC President

George Reiff is the 1st President of Universal Trinity College (UTC).

George Reiff is a scientific author and scholar. 
He was born in the heart of the BENELUX Area and holds EU citizenship. 
As a cosmopolite believing in individual freedom, he received his higher education mostly jointly and university-specific in the Americas and Asia. 
Between 2007 and 2010 Georg has channeled his desire for global peace and human rights into his position as peace ambassador for the Parlement Mondial. 
Having met Ministers, Prime Ministers and Presidents from countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, and Gambia, George Reiff is dedicated to bringing a multitude of countries together to advocate for world peace, global citizenship and universal human rights. Between 2015 – early 2020 he was a member of the East West Bridge  which aspires to be a political think tank with the declared goal of building a bridge between the western and the former eastern bloc. 
His lifetime membership with the Knights of Rizal is also an expression of the ideals of international human brotherhood as personified and embodied by Dr. Jose Rizal, the great humanitarian and national hero of the Philippines.
As an academic scholar and scientific author, he has translated Karl Walker’s Money in History for the Sunflower Foundation in Switzerland- George has also written books about historical legal issues and processes in Central Europe.  
Especially regarding the unprepared and unprofessional reception of immigrants in the heartlands of the EU in today’s global market he has thoroughly researched and documented the issue of foreign credential recognition in D, A, CH. 
He is the author of numerous scientific and journalistic articles, papers and publications on issues like start-up corporations, new energies, fiat currencies vs money and (religious/spiritual) leadership issues in our times and throughout history.

George Reiff with Supreme Patriarch Samdet Thep Vong of Cambodia