Degree Granting Authority

The Universal Trinity College is fully registered in the State of Florida as a private religious college.
The college is operated under Section 1005.06(1)(f), Florida Statutes and Rule 6E-5.001, Florida Administrative Code, and is authorized to award associates of arts, bachelor of arts, master of arts, doctor of philosophy and doctor of education degrees.
Degrees issued by the University are notarized with the Hague Apostille by the Department of State.

The religious degrees awarded by UTC are in compliance with all legal and policy requirements of the State of Florida, USA.

Legal Status of UTC 

The Universal Trinity College/COLLEGIVM  VNIVERSALIS  TRINITATIS is registered as 
non-profit entity in California, USA under No. 16494.



International NGO Cooperation

Together with partners in all continents, we work for the principles of peace and humanity.


 We work as a member in the UNO DESA, and help, to make our planet a better place for all humans.


UTC  has an intensive and trusting partnership in the academic field with The London Metropolitan College International (LMCI).
LMCI was founded as a not for profit organization (company limited by guarantee, LBG) under British Law in London, United Kingdom, to help to reach the United Nations goal “Education for all”.


Many roads lead to knowledge

Want to know what’s on? 
Believe that life is more than material things?
Want to see clear, what makes a a human being?